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About Us

Dan and Karen Dantzler have a thing for Northwest Arkansas. So in 1996, they decided to come up with a way to stay and raise their family in the Ozarks. In Dan’s previous job, he developed a deep infatuation with bread culture and learned along the way how grocery store breads were packed with toxic chemicals. So he made the decision to devote his talents to making fresh, healthy breads.

 A lot of research and soul searching made it possible for the Dantzlers to open Stone Mill Bread in May of 1997. As the business grew, sandwiches and soups were added- all while keeping an eye on health and taste.

Today, Stone Mill provides breads and catering not only to all of NWA, but to customers all over the nation. The company loves what they do and look forward to many more years of being the premier bread company of NWA.

Our stay fresh for 4-7 days stored at room temperature. If you do not plan to eat the bread during this time, we recommend freezing the bread in a double bag. 

Breads come hot out of the oven around 9:00 am and the full day's selection is available by early afternoon. The breads may not be completely cool for slicing until mid-afternoon. Wait until the bread is completely cool before you seal it in the plastic bag we have provided. If you bag the bread while it is even slightly warm, the bag will steam-up and the bread will get soggy.  

Baked fresh each day, these should be devoured within 48 hours for maximum eating pleasure. To reheat with a soft crust, microwave or wrap in  foil before heating in the oven. For a harder crust, bake without foil. All can be frozen.  

Our products are made from the highest quality ingredients available. We add no preservatives. Many of our products are made with freshly milled whole grain flour, one of nature's most nutritious foods. Most of our breads are made without added oils or fats, eggs, or dairy, making them virtually fat-free. We also offer fat-free choices in our cookies, muffins, and cinnamon rolls. Nutritional analysis information is available for most of our products. Ingredients are available for each item.